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This  program, a part time online work, is known as E-Commerce Associate (ECA) program :

  • It provides you a free website where you can list your items for sales.
  • For selling your items you get the free services of over 1,00,000 sellers, spread over 20,000 cities in 237 countries of the world !!
  • This online help is incredible and not found in any program anywhere. Yes, over 1,00,000 affiliates are ready to sell your products, working online.

The *best* thing is that once your earning accumulates to $20 you're paid the next Thursday. Payments are made through check or Paypal ,every Thursday !!
 Very few programs pay you weekly !!

So, get set, ready and go !!
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You'll get a unique membership number which will be your login id too. Just keep it in a safe place.

 After joining you shall also get  ECA or E-commerce Associate membership

Your ECA membership site shall be known as TConnect Page

Once you've the TConnect (also called TC) site you're on your way to generating decent income from home !!

As soon as you get your TConnect site I shall be informed by the program communication system. You need not do anything. I shall reach you within 24 hours and show you what to do next. It will all be very easy and a great experience for you.

Remember, you're now going to make money without investing a pie !!

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